FOR CUSTOMERS OF                   Lake Tamarack Water Company NJ1911003​


The Lake Tamarack Water Company is providing notification that a water main break has occurred at 105 Lakeshore Road Eastwhich has caused customers within our service area to be without water.  A potential or actual threat to the quality of water being provided to you currently exists.  As a precaution, we are implementing a limited Boil Water Advisory until testing of the water supply is deemed satisfactory.

What should I do? What does this mean?

Effective immediately and until further notice, customers within the impacted service area (Silver Fox Trail from Larch Dr. to Elm Dr), (Elm Dr. from Silver Fox to Lake Shore Rd W), (Lake Shore Rd W from Elm Dr to 69 Lake Shore Rd W), are instructed to bring tap water to a rolling boil for one minute and allow the tap water to cool before using, or use bottled water. Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking; preparing foods; mixing baby formula, food, juices or drinks; washing vegetables and fruit; cooking; making ice; brushing teeth; and washing dishes until further notice. Boiling kills bacteria and other organisms in the water.

The following measures are also recommended:• Throw away uncooked food or beverages or ice cubes made with tap water during the day of the advisory;• Keep boiled water in the refrigerator for drinking;• Do not swallow water while showering or bathing;• Rinse hand-washed dishes with a diluted bleach solution (one tablespoon of household bleach per gallon of tap water) or clean your dishes in a dishwasher using the hot wash cycle and dry cycle;• Do not use home filtering devices in place of boiling or using bottled water; most home water filters will not provide adequate protection from microorganisms;• Use only boiled water to treat minor injuries;• Provide pets with drinking water that has been boiled (and cooled).

Please continue to boil your water or use bottled water until you are notified that the water quality is satisfactory.  This advisory will remain in effect until repairs are completed and testing shows the water quality to be safe.  

We are working as quickly as possible to restore your water quality.  Thank you for your patience.  If customers have any questions please contact: 

Jeff Solar at (973) 697-2074.

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