A current membership badge must be worn while on the beach, using the lake, when at the ballfield or playground, and when attending the Annual Meeting or any lake function. Members must provide Guest Badges for any of their guests.

  • A Boat Medallion – every boat, canoe, kayak or paddleboat left on lake right-of-ways or beaches must be registered with the lake office and have a Lake Tamarack ID on it.  Boat mediallions are free with lake membership.
  • Membership badge – one is issued for the homeowner, spouse or partner, and unmarried children living with them when the annual dues are paid.
  • Guest badge – each guest badge costs $8.00.
  • Fishing badge – each fishing badge cost $10.00.
    • Please remember that any guest that you invite to fish here must wear a Lake Tamarack Guest Fishing Badge and a NJ fishing license (if the fisherman/woman is over 16).